Yoga Gives Back and Bali Malas


I am excited to announce that DJ Drez and I are ambassadors for Yoga Gives Back.  An outstanding organization that helps women and children of our beloved India.  I am also thrilled to be an OMbassador for Bali Malas and we have a very sweet offering that connects them both in a beautiful way.  OM HRIM.  Love, Marti

Dreaming in Sanskrit mala~ 

” Delicate design of rudraksha, rudrani and amazonite, hand knotted on light colored thread exclusive to Bali Malas. We are honored to have collaborated with Marti Nikko in celebration of her album Dreaming in Sanskrit.  Every mala worn supports Yoga Gives Back, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to alleviate poverty in Mother India.” ~ Bali Malas

Rudraksha-fruit-2  FullSizeRender  IMG_1656

This mala’s tiny amazonite gemstones are an ideal accessory for balancing the heart and throat chakras.  Our heart chakra reveals what we embrace and what we resist, being controlling or being controlled, the tug of war between the intellect and intuition.  The combination of rudraksha (shiva) and rudrani (shakti) harmonize these masculine and feminine energies, manifesting balance on all levels.  Working with our throat chakra we can affirm aloud what we wish and create it powerfully into being. This lighter colored amazonite specifically carries the power of flexibility, relaxation, and balance. Allow this mala to float in its delicate nature through you, as we dream in sanskrit towards our tranquility.  To purchase click here!

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